Software For Language Schools

TESS - Language School Management System

Custom Built Management Software for language schools. TESS ( Teacher Scheduling System ) is both a Teacher Scheduling and a Language School Management System.

This Software significantly eases the administrative burden of managing a language school.

TESS is simple to use and easily holds all your teacher, student, class and attendance information in one central place. This information is then used by TESS to produce numerous reports for the efficient running of your language school business.

The latest version of TESS ( TESSWEB ) is the Internet version of TESS. TESSWEB allows a language school administer to manage his/her language school from any place. All that is required is an Internet connection.

TESSWEB is a "Multi User" System. Extra users can easily be added, as required.

TESS can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. Please get in contact should you wish to discuss changes or additions to the application.

If you would like "Full Access" to the TESSWEB application, then please contact us using the Contact Page.

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"I cannot recommend TESS highly enough. It is so much easier to use than our previous school management software."

"A fantastic software product that makes running a language school so much easier."

Alex Bone ( Director Inlingua Porto ).